I have written and/or maintain the following Creative Commons teaching resources:

  • Aspects of consciousness: Two sets of partially interactive sessions on the philosophy and scientific study of consciousness.

  • Critical Thinking and Research Methods: A set of lectures on the basics of thinking critically, applied to the study of psychology as a science. In recent years, the material has expanded to include things that complement the RMINR materials.

  • How To Build A Brain: A set of letures on brain-inspired AI, across three topics: (1) history and core concepts, (2) perception and CNNs, (3) philosophy including ethics. Aimed at a final-year undergraduate psychology audience.

  • RMINR: Research Methods in R is a set of guides on how to use R as your central research methods tool. The target audience is psychology undergraduate students.

  • RMIP: A twelve-week course on research methods, aimed at second-year undergraduate psychology students.

I’ve also written some older materials that I no longer actively maintain.