Hi, I'm Dr. Andy J. Wills, Ph.D. (he/him). I have researched the cognitive processes of humans and other animals - in particular, learning, memory, and classification - for almost 30 years. I've also taught Research Methods, and Cognitive [Psychology / Neuroscience / Science] (select your preferred term), to undergraduate psychology students for more than two decades.

Since 2012, I have received a salary, as a Professor of Psychology, from the School of Psychology at the University of Plymouth. However, this is a personal website; it is not affilitated with or endorsed by my employer.

Coffee as a unit of account

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It seems to be increasingly common to use the price of a take-away cup of coffee as a way of saying something is affordable - the most recent example I came across is that COVID tests, which were free in England until today, are now “less than the price of... [Read More]
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