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Research Methods in R

RMINR at University of Plymouth, School of Psychology

Stage 1

PSYC411 Learning (Semester 1, first four weeks)

PSYC412 Psychological Science (Semester 1, from 5th week)

PSYC413 Debates in Psychology (Semester 1, from 5th week)

PSYC414 Relationships (Semester 2, first four weeks)

PSYC415 Topics in Psychology (Semester 2, from 5th week)

PSYC416 Connecting Psychology (Semester 2, from 5th week)

Stage 2

PSYC519 Research Methods in Practice 1 (Semester 1)

PSYC520 Research Methods in Practice 2 (Semester 2)

Stage 4

PSYC605 Research Project