“No, it’s not The Incentives - it’s you”

- Tal Yarkoni (2018) : source

“When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure” (a.k.a. Goodhart’s Law)

- Marilyn Strathern (1997) : source

“these and almost all your communications will be useless to me unless you can propose some practicable way or other of supplying me wth Observations .. I want not your calculations but your Observations only”

- Isaac Newton (1695) : source

“Artificial intelligence is sort of the end goal of computer science. Computer science is about automating stuff, and artificial intelligence is about automating everything.”

- Alex Krizhevsky (2018) : source

“It is sometimes considered a paradox that the answer depends not only on the observations but on the question; it should be a platitude”

- Harold Jeffreys (1961) : source