I started keeping a record here in November 2021. On 30th November 2022, I decided to only undertake non-charged review work at a rate commensurate with my use of the peer review system, as assessed by the following algorithm:

Each paper or grant I submit (or resubmit) counts as one unit. That unit is divided by the number of senior authors (defined as people who would be asked to do peer reviews themselves). So, if I submit an article with four senior authors, that’s 0.25 units. For each unit I accrue through my submissions, I undertake three uncharged peer reviews (because two reviewers per document is now typical, plus the work of the editor or panel).

I also count Ph.D. examination, with a thesis coded as 3 papers.


Usage Units : 5.69

Non-charged reviews owed: 17.07

Non-charged reviews conducted / committed to: 16

POSITION: Currently accepting new unpaid review requests (usage above contribution).

Review list

Date Type Notes Non-charged reviews
2021-11 journal Cognition  
2021-11 journal Review of General Psychology  
2021-12 journal QJEP  
2021-12 grant MRC  
2021-12 journal Acta Psychologica  
2021-12 journal Scientific Reports  
2021-12 journal JEP: ABC  
2022-01 journal JEP: Gen  
2022-01 journal JEP: LMC  
2022-02 journal Psych Review  
2022-03 grant ESRC  
2022-04 journal Cortex  
2022-06 grant ESRC  
2022-06 journal JEP: ABC  
2022-06 grant ESRC  
2022-09 journal APP  
2022-11 journal Royal Society Open  
2022-12 journal Cognitive Science 1
2023-01 journal CD Psy Sci 1
2023-02 journal CogSci proc 2
2023-02 journal QJEP 1
2023-02 journal CogSci 1
2023-08 journal JEP:LMC 1
2023-08 journal OpenMind 1
2023-10 phd Oxford 3
2023-11 phd Plymouth 3
2023-11 grant ESRC 1
2023-11 journal CogSci 1

Usage list

Date Type Notes Usage units
2023-01 proceedings CogSciProc: Dome 1
2023-01 proceedings CogSciProc: Kul 1
2023-04 article PsyRev: Dome 1
2023-04 grant ESRC: Beesley, Kuhn, Schelgelmlich .25
2023-06 article PsychSci: Dome (Ass Ed reject) .33
2023-08 article PB&R: Dome 1
2023-08 article Cognition: Edmunds, Wills, Milton .33
2023-08 article QJEP: Longman, Milton, Wills .33
2023-10 article JEP: Gen Schlegelmilch, Lee (Ass Ed reject) .11
2023-10 article JEP: LMC Schlegelmilch, Lee .33