BRIC compute request pump-prime form

Date of request: 21-Jan-2022

Financial year of expenditure: 2021/2

Requested amount (GBP): 650

Requested by: Lenard Dome, Andy Wills

Technical purpose: Massive Parameter Space Partioning exploration of the predictions of computational models of category learning. Links are to open-source software we have developed for this work.

Explanation of cost: Calculations shown here estimate £275 for one of the heaviest simulations we need to run. There will be at least two of these, plus some smaller work. £650 should cover it.

Benefit to BRIC: Capacity building towards grant application. Simulations needed for high-profile methods paper (target submission: Summer 2022). This work important as a proof-of-concept for our computational neuroscience grant application (target submission: Autumn 2022).

Track record:

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Dome, L., Edmunds, C. E. R. & Wills, A. J. (2021). SUSTAIN captures category learning, recognition, and hippocampal activation in a unidimensional vs. information-integration task. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society, 43, 3013-3019.

Schlegelmilch, R., Wills, A.J. & von Helversen, B. (2022). A Cognitive Category-Learning Model of Rule Abstraction, Attention Learning, and Contextual Modulation. Psychological Review. Advance Online Publication.