For large compute jobs, virtual machines, based around Microsoft Azure, are available to hire at hourly rates at BRIC.

There are two routes for funding:

  1. Grant funding: When you make a grant application, ensure you include VM hire in your costings if you want to use the BRIC VMs. If you currently have a grant from which you can pay VM hire, use that. If you’d like advice on costings for grant-funded research, contact Andy Wills.

  2. Pump-prime funding: For a limited time, you can request limited internal in-year funds from BRIC for work that will lead to a grant application involving BRIC. For example, proof of concept work to include in a grant application, or in a high-quality publication to establish a track record to subsequently secure funding. This is an open call (no deadlines), but there is an annual budget. This financial year (2021/2) and next (2022/3), we anticipate a budget of £2,000 (subject to change without notice). Continuation of the fund beyond 2022/3 is not anticipated. To apply, email Andy Wills.