Data and Analysis Unit: KULMAES2

Last update: 2015-05-15 by Andy Wills


Human discrimination task, reported as Experiment 1B in Maes et al. This DAU contains stimuli, trial-level raw data, and an analysis script, all in open cross-platform formats (see the file format notes). It also provides some informal resources for running experiments like this within the experiment generator Affect 4.0.

UPDATE: The sex, age, course, and year columns of kulmaes2data.txt have had all their data replaced with the word 'deleted'. This is in response to concerns about the potential non-anonymity of biographical data when pooled. All queries regarding these columns should be directed to Elisa Maes or Tom Beckers.


The APA-format citation for this resource is: Maes, E. and Wills, A.J. (2015). Data and Analysis Unit: KULMAES2. Retrieved from

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