Data and Analysis Unit: KULMAES1

Last update: 2015-05-13 by Andy Wills


Rat discrimination task, reported as Experiment 1A in Maes et al. (in prep.) This DAU contains raw data in open cross-platform formats (see the file format notes). It also contains analysis scripts that are mainly in a cross-platform open format (R script), but there are also two short SPSS syntax files. SPSS syntax files are plain text, so can be opened by any text editor. However, you will need SPSS to run these files, and this program is not open source. If anyone knows how to replicate the analysis in these SPSS syntax files within R, please get in touch.


The APA-format citation for this resource is: Maes, E. and Wills, A.J. (2015). Data and Analysis Unit: KULMAES1. Retrieved from

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