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Last update: 2015-11-13 by Andy Wills


fMRI contingency learning experiment, based on the Shanks-Darby procedure. This sub-page contains raw image data for each participant, one lossless-compressed archive file per participant. For compression format, see file format notes.


The APA-format citation for this resource is: Milton, F. and Wills, A.J. (2015). Data and Analysis Unit: EXE10. Retrieved from http://www.willslab.co.uk/exe10

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Each archive file contains four pairs of .hdr/.img files (NIfTI format). The last three digits of the filename identify the file. For most participants, the identification is as follows: It is possible that, for some participants, the numbers start higher than 301, and/or that they do not increase in steps of 100. However, the lowest number is always training phase, run 1, the second lowest training phase run 2, and so on.

Use the links below to download an archive.

NOTE: Each archive is approx. 125MB, and there are 62 participants included in this archive. Thus, in total these files contain almost 8GB of data, and may take a few hours to download with a fast connection. If you would like to download in a more automated manner, the URLs are www.willslab.co.uk/exe10/scans/xx.tar.bz2. Alternatively I can post you a memory stick of these data at cost of materials and postage, on request.

Click link below to download archive:

OSF data archive