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Research Methods in R

Teaching Research Methods in R

This is a crowd-sourced list of uses of R to teach research methods in Psychology, and a link to Creative Commons teaching materials, where these are available. The year teaching in R was adopted at undergraduate and postgraduate level is also recorded, where known. Where there are no materials, but the organization’s name has a link, this is a link to evidence that R is used.

If you’d like to add to this list, please submit a pull request. Or, if you’re not sure how to do that, just email me:


University Country UG PG Link
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev Israel   2019 PG (intro), PG (SEM), PG (ANOVA)
Duke University. U.S.A. 2019   UG
Harrisburg University of Science and Technology U.S.A.   2018 PG
Lancaster University U.K. 2020 2013 UG
Missouri State U.S.A.   2017 PG
Nottingham Trent University U.K. 2012 2010  
Stanford University U.S.A. 2018   UG
University of Edinburgh U.K. 2018 2018  
University of Glasgow U.K. 2015 2010 UG, PG
University of Lincoln U.K.   2018 PG
University of Manchester U.K.   2018 PG
University of Plymouth U.K. 2018 (Year 1) - 2020 (Year 3) 2017 UG, PG
University of Sussex U.K. 2019 2017 UG, more UG


Lab Location Country Link
Infant lab Birkbeck, University of London U.K. Jupyter notebooks and R.
Avances en Medición Psicológica Lima, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) PE Curso-Taller “R: una herramienta flexible para el análisis de datos en Psicología” (Nivel Básico).


Person Location Country Link
Danielle Navarro University of New South Wales Australia Learning statistics with R